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AAP - American Academy of Pediatrics
AAP - Association of American Publishers
AAP - Advance Auto Parts Inc
AAP - American Academy of Periodontology
AAP - American Association of Publishers
AAP - Accredited ACH Professional
AAP - Army Ammunition Plant
AAP - American Academy of Psychotherapists
AAP - Address Allocation Protocol
AAP - Association of Academic Physiatrists
AAP - Alternative Approval Process (ITU-T)
AAP - Always A Pleasure
AAP - Academic Advancement Program
AAP - Accident Analysis and Prevention
AAP - Annual Action Plan
AAP - Acuerdo de Alcance Parcial (Guatemala)
AAP - Academy of American Poets
AAP - Australian Associated Press Pty Limited
AAP - Accurate As Possible
AAP - Applications Access Point
AAP - American Academy of Psychoanalysis
AAP - Abortion Access Project
AAP - Association for Academic Psychiatry
AAP - Apollo Applications Program (NASA)
AAP - Art Association of the Philippines
AAP - Automotive Aftermarket Professional (certification)
AAP - Alumni Admissions Program (various universities)
AAP - Allied Administrative Publication
AAP - Aktion zur Abschaffung des Primatenhandels (German: Campaign Against Animal Testing)
AAP - Abbreviated Acquisition Program
AAP - Asbestos Action Program
AAP - American Academy of Poets
AAP - Airlock Adapter Plate (shuttle)
AAP - Apollo Advanced Playlist
AAP - Associaçao Dos Arquitectos Portugueses
AAP - Advanced Acquisition Plan
AAP - Antigonish Area Partnership (Antigonish, NS, Canada)
AAP - Advance Australia Party
AAP - Auxiliary Acceleration Pump
AAP - Affirmative Action Plan/Program
AAP - Availability Assurance Program
AAP - ACT Assessment Program (admissions, guidance and placement program)
AAP - Active Anti-Psychotronic (software)
AAP - Adopt-A-Pet, Inc. (non-profit organization)
AAP - Air Augmented Propulsion
AAP - Advanced Automation Program
AAP - Authorized Academic Partner
AAP - American Association of Producers
AAP - Administrative Appeal Process (Department of Defense A-76 Commercial Activities)
AAP - Association of Aviation Psychologists
AAP - Alternate Access Provider
AAP - Average Acquisition Price (pharmaceuticals)
AAP - Additional Attendant Panel
AAP - Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania
AAP - ASEAN Academic Press (London, UK)
AAP - Assign Alternate Parent
AAP - Area Air Picture
AAP - Atmospheric Air Pressure
AAP - Angle Addition Postulate
AAP - Associative Array Processor
AAP - Association Autrichienne à Paris (French: Austrian Association in Paris; est. 1956)
AAP - Alarm Annunciator Panel
AAP - Alabama Association of Pathologists
AAP - Attack Assessment Plan
AAP - Army Acquisition Process
AAP - Announcement Administration Processor (4ESS)
AAP - Adult Asthma Program
AAP - Accruals Accounting Project
AAP - Adaptive Array Processing
AAP - Asbestos Abatement Program
AAP - Association for Advancement of Psychoanalysis
AAP - Asociación Amigos del País (Association of Friends of the Country, Guatemala)
AAP - Association of Academic Psychiatrists
AAP - Analyst Assistance Program
AAP - Alpes Auto Pièces (French: Alpine Auto Parts)
AAP - Apartment Association of the Panhandle (Amarillo, TX)
AAP - Analog Accessory Peripheral
AAP - ACUS (Area Common User System) ACES (Automated Communication Engineering Software) Prototype
AAP - Academic Advising Packages
AAP - Advanced Applications Programs
AAP - Amphibious Assault Planner
AAP - Always Annoying People
AAP - Association for Advancement of Psychotherapy
AAP - Automated Antenna Positioning
AAP - Auxiliary Annunciator Panel
AAP - Alternate Assignment Program
AAP - Allowance Appendix Page/Package
AAP - Association des Architectes Portugais (French: Portuguese Architects Association; Portugal)
AAP - Ask a Professor (US DoD)
AAP - Architecture, Art and Planning (Cornell University; New York)
AAP - Area Action Plan
AAP - Australasian Association of Philosophy
AAP - Association of American Physicians
AAP - All About People (various locations)
AAP - Altai Assistance Project (Wadhams, NY)
AAP - Annals of Applied Probability (Institute of Mathematical Statistics)
AAP - American Atheist Press
AAP - Advanced Apprenticeship Programme (various companies)
AAP - Advanced Audio Processing (various organizations)
AAP - Africa Alliance for Peace
AAP - Agence Acilion Presse (French: Acilion Press Agency)
AAP - Advanced Academic Program (Virginia)
AAP - Aam Aadmi Party (political party; India)
AAP - Academic Action Plan (various schools)
AAP - Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis (disease)
AAP - Acquisition Advisory Panel

Why buy this domain name?

If you've ever attempted to name a company you'll know that choosing the right brand name is an art in itself. The best domain names were taken over 10 years ago but in today's modern Internet age the domain name is the brand and it's integral to choose the right name for your company, a name that captures the essence of your business.

Giving your brand the right name is much like naming your own child. It has to be unique, but at the same time, it should be simple and memorable for people outside the family. Particular sounds inspire positive emotions and they result in experiences that are liked, remembered, and shared. Marketing and PR companies have been leveraging this strategy for decades to reinforce positive, memorable experiences through sound.

The best company names are short, snappy, emotion-driven and memorable as a result. If you're struggling to name your company think about the emotions that you want to be felt by your target customer. A 2003 study by neuroscientist Vilanyanur Ramachandran detailed the relationship between certain parts of the brain and metaphors. In the study Ramachandran concluded that sounds are metaphors for images and that people experience sounds through tastes and colors. The instant we hear a new word our brains immediately work trying to make sense of it: Does it sound like something we've heard before? How does it feel? What does it remind us of?

According to scientific studies, the average person can remember only seven digits at any one time. If you want your target customers to remember your brand name and if you want it to jump out at them, the rule of thumb is to make it as short and as catchy as possible.

A great name can create buzz, position you as a true leader and innovator, and reinforce your value proposition in one word. That's powerful! It can convey a culture or a position, and differentiate a company, product or service from the rest of the market. Whereas a poor name can negate the work you do to build a position in the market.